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Program Information

The Minnesota Magicians

The Minnesota Magicians are a quality developmental AAA hockey program founded in 2008.  The Magicians goal is to help develop individual skills while at the same time working within a team environment.  The Magicians coaching staff will help teach young athletes how to play the game!

Every successful team has a high skill level and unmatched hockey sense; it is our goal to develop those qualities in our players giving them the best opportunity for success in the future.  Our coaching staff is selected based on teaching ability and knowledge of the game; they truly care for the players and their development as young athletes.

It is our belief that young athletes should have the opportunity to participate in multiple sports.  Most coaches on the Magicians staff were multi-sport athletes; we will adamantly stand behind this philosophy.  The Minnesota Magicians support the multi-sport family and understand the importance of having a life outside the rink! 

AAA Team Highlights


  • AAA Teams at the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, U16 Girls
  • Season runs from April to August
  • Two Month Break (No practice or games June and July)
  • Approximately 40 hours of combined on-ice practice, games, and outside scrimmages vs AAA opponents
  • Typically 2 practices per week
  • 3 Timely Scheduled Tournaments/Jamborees 
  • Magician game jerseys, socks, t-shirts
  • Highly Experienced and Dedicated Coaching Staff

Fall Boys U18, U16 (NAPHL Events)

  • Age Classifications (U18=2004, 2005, U16=2006, 2007)
  • Fall Boys Teams U18, U16
  • 5 hours of practice 
  • 2 tournaments
  • PHL September 15-19 Blaine and October 21-24 Blaine
  • Magicians Game Jersey and Socks
  • Highly Experienced and Dedicated Coaching Staff

Minnesota Magicians and Where We Fit In The Minnesota AAA Hockey World

The Magicians AAA program was founded in 2008.   Our teams are competitive and our coaching staff is second to none.   We do things the right way based off many years of coaching and playing experience at all levels. 

We treat players and parents with respect and do our best to help our players improve.  It's a long road to playing Varsity hockey in Minnesota; our goal is to help young players develop a passion for the game above all and improve their skills enough to have a shot.


Coaching Philosophy

The Minnesota Magicians are committed to providing every player with quality instruction from experienced coaches.  Every Minnesota Magicians team has a dedicated head coach for games and practices.  Our philosophy is for players to play in all situations during the off season and learn from their mistakes. 

Team Skills

Possibly the most overlooked aspect of “team sports” is the team itself. Many players, parents, and fans alike, focus on individual results and forget that the team is most important; working in a team environment is essential for future growth in the game of hockey and life.

Individual Skills

The best way to contribute to team results is to work harder on the thing you can control the most, yourself. Hockey players that are able to play the game with confidence and a high skill level reward the team with positive results. The Minnesota Magicians focus on play-making, vision, and concepts/drills that promote the development of hockey sense.

Hand Skills

The ability to play with the puck in today’s game is increasingly important. A majority of the on-ice sessions incorporate hand skill development.  Being able to possess the puck and distribute it to your team mates is what separates good and great players at all levels.